Writing and Editing Services

Brittany Shawnté now offers various writing and editing services! With over ten years in the communications field, Brittany has a great deal of experience to assist you with your business needs.  From biographies and profiles for your professional website to editing and rewriting of business documents and articles, Brittany provides high quality work for a diverse clientele, beyond just entertainment professionals. 


List of Services

(Email for estimates).

  • Document/Article/Book Proofreading, Editing and Rewriting 

  • Biographies/Profiles 

  • Blog/Website Posts

  • EPKs (Electronic Press Kits) 

  • Resumes/Cover Letters                        

  • Product Reviews 

  • Transcription (Audio/Video) 



  • Email BrittanyShawnte@gmail.com with the details of the desired project. After communication between the potential client and writer, a cost estimate will be given to the client based on your budget and the size of the project, along with a proposed agreement detailing the project (requirements, requested deadline/date needed, etc. If a new biography/profile is needed, a full phone/emailed interview will be needed in order to complete the project.). This agreement must be signed by the client in order to move forward with the project. Terms are based per project. 

  • Once details have been reviewed, and the agreed upon and signed contract scanned and returned, an invoice for payment will be sent to you which must be paid via PayPal within 48 hours of receipt or the contract will be nullified. In cases of larger projects, a non-refundable percentage of the agreed upon price must be paid via PayPal (again, within 48 hours of receipt) prior to receiving any written/edited draft.  

  • After the draft has been completed, Brittany will send it to you for your review. Any requested changes should be sent through email or discussed through a conference call (as the standard contract states, two revisions will be allowed before additional payment is required). 

  • If you are unsatisfied with your project, a partial refund will be issued to you through PayPal. However, Brittany will keep all rights and publishing and use of the work.


Writing Samples


Move! Magazine Prospectus 


D&J Salon Prospectus Pages


Artist Ridock King's Black Queens Matter Campaign


MoviePass Review


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